Posted by: keepingthemistakes | November 16, 2009

Indian Corn and Turkeys

Today 2nd grade made decorations for their upcoming “Thanksgiving Feast”.  Half the class used bubble wrap to print Indian Corn — we’ll add tissue paper husks later.   Good experience with basic printmaking, using brayers and printmaking ink.  The other half of the class used ink pads and index cards (4″x6″) to make fingerprint turkey place-cards.  We had an assembly lin:  3 doing the turkey body and head with brown ink and their thumbs, 3 doing the tail feathers in yellow with their pointer finger, 3 doing the same only with orange, and 3 adding marker details.  Next week we’ll flip groups.  The only glitch was that two little boys decided to roll the brayers on their aprons.  They will NOT be doing the activity next week, they’ll be writing me a paper 🙂  They came out REALLY cute and I will try to post photos tomorrow.



  1. Love the bubble wrap Indian corn! How fun! Curious who the two boys were… 🙂

  2. oh, i love these!!!! too bad i saw them too late.

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