Posted by: keepingthemistakes | November 25, 2009

Explorer Shields

5th Grade did paper mache “Explorer” shields.  They were studying about European explorers in Social Studies so we tied it in to that.  We talked about symbols of the explorers.  Compass, ship, flag of their country, etc.  Then we talked about things that would be symbols for them or their families.  They drew pretty intricate designs.  Then we designed symmetrical shields, cut them out of cardboard, and went to work.  It was pretty messy with 26 kids paper macheing at once.  One class is just getting started, one class is just finishing up. I could only  handle one class at a time with that mess!  I made the custodian really mad too, because we dripped paper mache paste on the carpet.  Who puts carpet in an art room? Oh well.  I switched to liquid starch instead of flour paste, so the drips are less noticable LOL. 



  1. Coooo-ul!

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