Posted by: keepingthemistakes | December 16, 2009


Still no pics.  Boring blog. 

Glazing today with 3 first grade classes and 3 kindergarten classes.  What an experience.  In retrospect, I think it went ok.  In the midst of it . . .   well, let’s just say I started at 9:05 and ended at 1:45, 5 minutes between classes, 30 minutes between 1st & Kind.  Washing brushes, cleaning out glaze cups . . . I did get some lunch in there but it was quick.  My room is a wreck and Ellie comforts me by saying “MOOOOOM, Art teachers’ rooms are SUPPOSED to be a mess.”.  I guess that means the kids are actually doing art, or using the supplies at least, right? 

Glaze firing tomorrow.  Should be exciting to open up that kiln.  I want to get them to the kiddos on Friday to take home for Christmas gifts.  I will take photos.  I made six pendants as demos for each class and had enough absent kids that I needed every one of them.  Note to self: Make more extras next year.


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