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A funny thing happened in the art room.

I found an activity last week on the internet that I did with several of my classes.  I asked them three questions and had them write the answers down for me.  First, one thing they do NOT want to do in art.  Second, two things they have done before (with their previous teacher) and third, three things they DO want to do in art.  I found this activity to not only be very helpful to me in planning for the rest of the year, but also I felt like they appreciated the activity.  It reinforced that I actually care about what they do or don’t want to do, and what their past experiences have been.  Of course. some of them will have to do projects they DON’T want to do and some won’t get to do projects they DO (for example, eating food and drinking drinks is probably not an option, and you’re stuck with sitting by Alexis for now 🙂 Following are the responses to questions one and three.  I have not edited spelling or grammar.  Some of them are hilarious.  Enjoy!

1.  One thing I do NOT want to do in art

2.  Three things I DO want to do in art

 3rd grade

  1. no re ports!
  2. Paint!  Draw!  Do gliter!


  1. Not have assigned spots.
  2. Go outside to draw nature.  Paint more.  Make crafting.


  1. Not right about an artist
  2. Paint, print make, draw


  1. caler
  2. paint, make stuff, con t


  1. I don’t want to color with markers anymore.
  2. I want to paint, follow artist drawings, and do print-making.


  1. I do not want any research.
  2. Paint, read art books, draw.


  1. no droing.
  2. Painting and colering a picher and makes differit sqares.


  1. Now draw a dog.
  2. Paint, draw and coler.


  1. I do not want to color picshares
  2. To paint, how to role clay, and how to have fun.


  1. I don’t won to use glitr
  2. Papermash, paint, color reel


  1. draw
  2. How to draw an eagle, get to draw any thing in the world, and paint the thing we draw.


  1. I don’t like doing line drawing
  2. Everybody in classhas contest on best drawing, draw what other artist drew, do report on Vango.


  1. snowflask
  2. I want 2 lean about drawin notise 2 dechvatet like the 5 grade did and draw dinosuas.


  1. I don’t want to coloar
  2. I want to print


5th Grade

  1. a lot of coloring with crayons.
  2. Free paint, complementary colors, & metallic animals.


  1. draw with croans
  2. paint, sculps, draw


  1. just drowling
  2. splat paint


  1. Do research on an animal and then draw a picture of it.
  2. Sculpting, learn how to make model buildings out of paper, use modeling clay.


  1. Nothing, I want to do e verything.
  2. Origami, paper mache, self/otherportrait


  1. Sculptures
  2. Paper mache, checker boardes with hidden pictures, and draw an I spy thing.


  1. I don’t want to do tesalations (a project we just did).
  2. I’d like to paint, have a free sketch time, & do some glass sketchings.


  1. Talk about deth.
  2. Paint, draw, coler


  1. Write.
  2. Paint, do the color wheel that are hanging in the hallway and do paper mache


  1. Taking notes.
  2. Splatter painting, paper mache, sculpting.


  1. Textures
  2. Draw animals, draw famas people, draw cracadiles.


  1. DRAW!
  2. paper mache, EAT FOOD, DRINK DRINKS!


  1. Make paper mache
  2. make something with clay, make a picture of ourselves, warm colors.


6th grade

  1. making people.
  2. Drawing, painting, coloring


  1. Draw
  2. Draw, folding papers, shapes


  1. Taking notes (I like everything)
  2. painting, finger painting, spray painting.


  1. Draw things we have to do, I like to draw whatever I like, or writing notes.
  2. Copieng pictures, paper machea, painting


  1. draw, write notes
  2. Finger painting, self portrait, paper mashay


  1. Sit and wait
  2. Self pontite, shapes, face painting


  1. write notes
  2. Self portrait, draw & finger painting


  1. Taking notes
  2. Paper machae, paint things, drawings


  1. Taking notes
  2. Paper mache, paint, drawing


  1. Writing notes
  2. Make paper mashe, fingure painting, make spray painting.


7th Grade

  1. Oil Pastels
  2. Clay models, wood carving, 3D drawings.


  1. I don’t want to color with crayons or colored pencils.
  2. I would like to draw & paint self portraits of famous people, I would like to draw “manga” aft, I would like to make sculptures of different animals or creatures.


  1. Sit by Alexis
  2. Glass etching, free draw, carving with wood.


  1. We have a plate & had rope.  We had to make something out of rope.
  2. Paper-mache, carve clay, make a marage.


  1. Do a project that involved having to draw really well.
  2. Clay things, glass etching, wood carving.


  1. Draw unicorns
  2. Woodcarving, clay creations, talk.


  1. Draw w/ markers & crayons & all that.
  2. Masks, something with feathers.


  1. Journals
  2. glass etching, sculping, wood carving.


  1. Water color painting
  2. Draw awesome stuff & glass etching & clay sculting


  1. Write in journals
  2. Sculpting, glass etching, wood carving


  1. I don’t like painting
  2. Glass etching, clay people or things, port raits


  1. Color with crayons
  2. Glass etching, paper michey piñatas, snack time.


  1. Christmas ornaments
  2. Glass etching, wood carving, birds eye view


  1. (nothing)
  2. Color with pastels, clay sculpting, paper mashey (making masks)


  1. (nothing)
  2. Glass etching, paper machey, bird’s eye view drawing


  1. I don’t want to do little kid things like coloring and stuff,  I want to get into advanced and maybe use clay?
  2. Shading, drawing realistic people like a real artist, and sculpting on a wheel (really fun!).


  1. Little kid things
  2. Glass etching, carving, clay


8th Grade

  1. Last thing we did
  2. Paint & draw, scuting sleepin, how to draw/ self port


  1. Drawling hard stuff
  2. I wanna learn how to draw better, be creative more, color more better & just do lots of stuff better but more I want to draw & learn more.


  1. How to sew
  2. How to draw animals and farms, how to make things, how to make blankets.


  1. Sewing
  2. Clay modeling, self portraits, cartoons


  1. Paint
  2. Clay crdians, sowing or something like that


  1. I don’t really know cause I want to do it all.
  2. Working with clay, paint, just work on being able sketch.


  1. Clay work
  2. Draw & paint


  1. Clay work
  2. Draw, paint, paper mache


  1. Crayon coloring
  2. Glass etching & clay modeling & abstract drawing.


  1. Self image painting
  2. Sewing, glass edging, oil pastels.


  1. Knit
  2. More clay/plain drawing/sketching


  1. Knit
  2. Clay!!, draw, oil pastels


  1. Knit
  2. Clay & draw paint


  1. Draw
  2. Clay make & write out of and make something big.


  1. Drawing hard stuff
  2. I like doing clay, but painting w/it.  Picasso, or making what every comes to mind, want to learn to draw better.

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