Posted by: keepingthemistakes | January 26, 2010

Finally, CLAY!

First of all, I wish I could figure out how to change fonts.  Alas, I can’t seem to figure it out. 

Second of all, here is a picture of the clay pieces I promised oh-so-long-ago.  Kindergarten and First Grade made these to learn about tactile texture.  They were Christmas gifts. 

I made these as a demonstration and students glazed them, but then didn't claim them when they were distributed.

 These are photos of my “artopoly” game I use as an incentive for good classroom behavior.  When the class reaches the end of the game, they all get a prize. This time it was popcorn and an art movie.  Next time it will be open studio time.  The class earns up to 5 spaces each time they are in art for things like listening (no more than 2 too loud warnings), cleaning up promptly and standing quietly in line when class is over. 


Michaelangelo's hideaway and "you gotta have ART"

Miro Boulevard - Kandinsky Ave. - You're Almost There!

 As of tomorrow, all my classes have earned the popcorn & movie.  Onward to open studio.  I’ve found that many kids really aren’t that interested in watching a whole movie.  Not a bad thing!  I was surprised actually, but nicely surprised.  I think open studio will be a big hit!



  1. I love that idea, will have to try it next year!

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