Posted by: keepingthemistakes | February 16, 2010

More More More

Such cool artwork my students have been producing.  My memory card is full!!!   And I have more pictures to take.  Winter & Me has been a fun project.  I got the idea from a colleague, Shelly.  Thanks Shelly!  It’s a fun way to focus on primary colors as well as different kinds of lines, overlapping, foreground and background, among other things.   And they turned out SO CUTE.

Seriously.  Too cute for words.  I couldn’t decide which ones to show (and this is just one of four classes 🙂 

Kind of labor intensive planning.  Cut out hats, scarves and mittens in primary colors (or secondary if that’s what you want to focus on).  I had them glue on the hat, then draw the head; glue on the scarf, then draw the body, etc.  You could do boots as well, but you’d need bigger paper.  I used 9 X 12.  I’ll have them color in all but the snowy ground and then be done. 

This is the drawing I did for them to mimic. They said "It looks like you Mrs. Burns." 🙂 I wish.


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