Posted by: keepingthemistakes | February 25, 2010

Animal Crackers . . .

In my artroom 🙂  First grade had a music program based on the song “Animal Crackers in my Soup” and it included all kinds of animal songs.  I was teaching them about warm & cool colors too, so included that in this project.

I gave everyone a bag of animal crackers (after checking on food allergies).  We looked at them for inspiration, and I also had a couple of examples of simple animal drawings.  Using Sharpies, they drew their animals BIG on their paper.  Then I had them divide their paper into four spaces with a line of their choice – curvy, zigzag, etc.  I then explained that they should color one section warm colors, the next cool, etc. so it would end up kind of like a checkerboard.  They could use any colors they wanted and didn’t have to make them look “real”.  I was amazed at some of the creativity in drawing animals!  What a fun project!  I love seeing kids spontaneously come up with their own ideas.


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