Posted by: keepingthemistakes | March 13, 2010

More Klee!

One of my classes finished their Klee self portraits!  Love these.

Process for this project started with a lesson on facial proportion.  We then talked about what lines are important and we drew a face together ,with guidelines, for practice.  Then I had them do one on their own and THEN I gave them mirrors and told them to look at themselves and draw what they was.  They did an awesome job!  Then we went over our pencil lines with sharpie and finally, we used squares of bleedable tissue paper to mimic Klee’s Senecio aka Head of a Man.  We painted oveer the squares with water and then peeled them back off.  FUN!



  1. These are really cool! I’m a teacher, too. But, I don’t know that my second graders could do something with this quality. What grade do you teach?

  2. Jody, I teach grades K-8 (And I teach at the same school you do 🙂 It’s me, Beth, the art teacher! These are from the 5th grade class at my OTHER school, although all of my 5th graders are doing this project. I agree, it would be tough for 2nd graders!

  3. I taught this same lesson to my second graders and it was great! I kept them guessing on how we added the color until the day came when I broke out the tissue paper. The hard part was the tissue paper that said it was bleedable, but not ALL the colors bled!

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