Posted by: keepingthemistakes | March 19, 2010

UGH! Grades!

We stayed at a water park/hotel in Branson that is a distant cousin to Great Wolf Lodge. The cousin who doesn't get invited to family reunions. It wasn't all bad. Little one loved it (except the walking outside in the COLD to get to the water).

Seriously.  Grading is the pits.  And it’s Spring Break!  I think it’s important (grading, and Spring Break too), and it reinforces that we are teaching them important things that relate to state and national standards.  But.  When it actually comes down to grading almost 500 kids on art every 9 weeks (with progress reports in between for 150 of them) all I can say is UGH.  The other 350 (that don’t have mid-term progress reports) have 10+ benchmarks to be graded sometime throughout the year, including 2 that are graded every 9 weeks (participation and craftsmanship). 

The view while I mapped out the rest of the year. We had crummy Spring Break weather.

I’ve spent time during Spring Break (thanks to my husband for driving 🙂 mapping out the final 9 weeks and making sure I get all the benchmarks covered.  I’ll do better next year and not have quite so much crammed into the final 9 weeks. 

Oh, and the grading system isn’t the same for all my students.  350 at one school have a E(xemplery), P(roficient), B(asic), N(ovice) scale.  At my other school grades K-2 have a 1 (below grade level), 2 (at grade level) and 3 (above grade level) grading scale and are graded on participation and craftsmanship.  At that same school, grades 3-8 are graded on a A,B,C,D,F 100% scale.  Also at this school, they don’t have the benchmarks related to the state and national standards on their grade cards, so they just get one general art grade (except the K-2’s, see above).

I have an obsession with trees lately. I took this picture today while we were ar the park. Look! The sun is shining!!!

Confused yet?  Mind twisting around like the branches on that tree?  Mine too 🙂

But the grades will all be done by Tuesday morning and the final 9 weeks will begin!



  1. Hmm…. haven’t even started entering my grades yet. Can you say procrastinate?? Ugh.

  2. I just entered all of my grades…ugh! I really like your blog…been checking it out tonight!

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