Posted by: keepingthemistakes | April 24, 2010

And now, for something completely different

Today I unloaded a kiln of bisque fired mammals.  There were some big, thick mammals and I didn’t have them carve out the insides (2nd grade).  I let them dry extra long, but there were two explosions.  They were fairly minor, repairable by glazing the pieces together I think.  Whew.  I was sweating that one.  Always a relief to open the kiln and find things (mostly) intact.

Another recent project with 2nd grade was symmetrical color wheels.  This was pretty fun, and almost magical when they ended up with orange, green and purple(ish) while using only red, yellow and blue watercolors!  I had them fold their paper in half, hot-dog style, and then draw with a black crayon down the fold line.  They then divided the space on one side of the line into 3 sections, I told them they were making a letter “K”.  We then drew patterns with black crayon on the sections they had divided, a different pattern in each section.  THEN, we folded the paper back together and rubbed hard to transfer the black to the plain side.  Then we made the black lines darker.  That was the end of class 1.  

The next week I gave them watercolors with all the colors popped out except red, yellow and blue.  We started by painting 3 consecutive sections yellow.  Rinse brushes, and paint the next two sections red, ending with painting over the yellow one right next to the red, which makes your orange.  Excitement ensues!   Then paint the lone white section blue, ending with painting over the one red and one yellow section beside that blue section with blue paint.  Green & purple appear.  Pretty fun project if you can keep them with you on where the colors go.  I demostrated, explained, and modeled and some of them still weren’t with me.  All in all it was a successful project and I’ll do it again next year.  I’m sure I got the idea from one of my fellow art teacher bloggers but I can’t remember which one.  Thanks to whichever one of you it was!

The color isn’t very true as I took this with my phone camera.  But you get the idea 🙂


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