Posted by: keepingthemistakes | April 28, 2010

Pinch pots

I’ve done pinch pots with 3rd and 4th grade recently.  My students haven’t had experience with ceramics in recent years.  Not sure how many years, but the clay that was at the school was HARD as a rock . . .as hard as it can be and not be totally dried up.  My 4th grade daughter hadn’t done any clay at school, so at least that many years.

I wanted to do clay with every grade this year, and have done it with all but one (5th) so I feel somewhat successful.  These are first grade pinch pots.  None of them exploded.  Lots of them had to start over due to folding or pinching too thin.


This is red clay, although it doesn’ t look red in these pictures.  I forgot to take pictures of them glazed, and they’ve all gone home now.  I liked this shot looking down into the kiln 🙂

Next year I’ll do more involved clay work with the older grade or grades.  Like slab or coil.  I have an awesome looking slab roller that looks like it’s never been used.

If I still have a job (hope hope hoping).



  1. Working with special education I see that
    the “The technique of forming round shape balls the size of a cherry” is a must, my studentd do not know how to knead. While making the round shape they press the clay and take the air out .
    good luck

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