Posted by: keepingthemistakes | April 29, 2010

Art & Music

We had a special event downtown in our city tonight, Art & Music in the Heart of Newton.  They had artists and musicians in businesses all up and down our main street. 

I did a lesson with third graders this week (with my new favorite art supply), expressing feelings and emotion while listening to movements from Carnival of Animals


We talked first about how lines in art can show movement as well as feelilng and emotion.  Then we discussed what different kinds of feelings might look like, and made lines to show that. 

Then we listened to one movement and made lines with a crayon.  For each of the next movements we used a different color watercolor in . . . the aqua flo brushes.  In between movements we talked about what feelings each one evoked.  Wow!  They were very thoughtful about how the music made them feel.  It was an awesome lesson!

Here are some views of our time downtown tonight.

Isn’t this picture cool?  I took it in the sun shades on the windows at the store where I was set up.  I thought it was too cool to not take a picture :)!


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