Posted by: keepingthemistakes | May 10, 2010

More about Mammals

How’s that for a catchy post title?  Is it just me, or are post titles kind of challenging? 

But on to mammals.  2nd grade has traditionally done a unit on mammals toward the end of the year and art class has collaborated by doing ceramic mammals and triorama habitats.  When I worked at a psych hospital in the art therapy dept., ceramics was the area I was in charge of, so it feels good to get back into working with clay.  I hadn’t done clay work to speak of in YEARS.  Most of my students have never worked with clay at school.  Well, not ceramic clay, they’ve worked with air dry clay and model magic.

I gave them each a chunk of clay about the size of an egg, maybe a little bigger.  They pounded it into a ball with their palm and then pulled out the legs, head, ears, snout, etc.  I cautioned them about folding and poking holes and then covering them up.  We ended up with two or three explosions, but they were small and easily fixed with glaze.

They researched the habitat in their classroom and then we drew them with pencil and went over them with colored pencil.  To make the Triorama you take a square of paper, mine was 12″ x 12″, fold it from corner to corner, unfold it and then cut from one corner to the middle.  Ok, this is too confusing.  Look here for instructions on making a triorama if you don’t know how to make one.  I don’t have pictures and describing it, well . . .it wasn’t working for me 🙂 

That reminds me, though, my family got this new game called Back Seat Drawing . . . it is SO MUCH FUN.  You’ve got to try it.  You have a clue (for instance, umbrella, and you have to describe how the person should draw it using line and shape descriptions.  Too. Much. Fun. 

Happy last weeks of school!!!  I am doing end-of-the-year self portraits and portfolios to take projects home in.  And if we have time left over, we’ll watch a movie about an artist and/or play pictionary.


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