Posted by: keepingthemistakes | May 19, 2010

Georgia on my mind

My lady Georgia, that’s what my high school art teacher called her. She’s the one who got me hooked on Georgia. Georgia O’Keeffe. My all time favorite, wish I could have met her, artist.

My favorite vacation spot, so far, is New Mexico and one of my favorite vacations was a first anniversary trip there. We rented a (rustic) cabin in Red River for a week or so and did day trips all around the northern part of the state. We did things like rent a jeep and go 4-wheelin’, visited Bandelier National Monument, and I read lots sitting on the porch swing while Everett went fishing. Then I bought a Georgia O’Keefe guidebook of sorts and we travelled all around her “stomping grounds” in northern New Mexico. We had the best (hot hot hot) indian tacos in a little hole in the wall on a deserted stretch of highway near Abiquiu. And we went to the Lawrence ranch (D.H.) where she spent lots of time when she was in the area. I laid under the tree she used as her muse for this painting, The Lawrence Tree

There’s a bench under the tree which, they say, she laid on to gain her perspective. I laid on it and took this picture

As an art teacher “wannabe” (at the time) this is an experience that I carry with me and look forward to sharing with my students some day. What can we do to get an unusual perspective on something we see every day? How does it change how we see something when we look at it from a different view?   Hey, these things could have a kind of profound impact on other daily activities too — a change of perspective.


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