Posted by: keepingthemistakes | July 26, 2010

Ok, so . . .

I’m seriously questioning the idea of teaching summer art classes for kids when I am teaching art classes for kids the other 9 months of the year.   Each of my art classes has had one (or two, or three) challenging students, without a lot of support in place for dealing with them. 

Summer art should NOT be like school, so I try to make it a more relaxed easy-going atmosphere.  For some kids this is a bit too free, I think.  So I try to introduce a bit more structure.  It’s hard, and I wonder if I don’t need the time to rejuvenate.  One idea was to just offer summer art camps to people I know.  But this leads me to a kind of moral dilemma.  I believe in all kids being exposed to and having a chance to do art.  Some of the kids who take summer art classes might not have a chance to do art any other time, or maybe they are in an art class that just doesn’t work for them. 

This week’s class has started and is going pretty well (after 1 day).   I’m feeling more positive about it.  Could be that I get to sleep in and then have my morning free before going to the class.  Last week having three classes each day really wore me out. 

 This class is called “Water Media”.  We’re learning about an artist each day and doing work in that style as well as learning different techniques for using watercolors, inks, etc.    Today we learned about Eric Carle and did works in his style and also did some basic intro to watercolor techniques (and then used those pages to make our collage). 


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