Posted by: keepingthemistakes | August 18, 2010

Ready or not!

I actually taught two classes at one of my schools today, which was officially a work day.  Tonight was meet your teacher night at my other school and tomorrow is the official first day of school.  Youngest daughter starts at a new school, middle daughter doesn’t have to go because she is an upperclasswoman.   She has to go Friday though, and youngest doesn’t, so it evens out I guess.  Oldest awaits moving into the dorm <SOB> on the 28th.  Exciting times!

Here’s my room at what I think of as my main school — the one I’m at 2.5 days a week.  

Not completely done, I'll post a pic when it is.

As I said, it’s not completely ready — I need signs above my tables and other minor things — I don’t teach here until next Monday. I’ll try to take photos of my other classroom tomorrow!!

Happy School year to all!



  1. I hope you have a great school year this year, Beth!!

  2. Hey! The last expectation is Don’t Say I Can’t…Say I’ll Try!

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