Posted by: keepingthemistakes | September 3, 2010

I have pictures!

But, not of the tree project.  Wow, I get so caught up in the work at hand that I forget about things I meant to do.  I decided the tree pictures would stay in folders for working on when “I’m done” before the rest of the class.  Yesterday, I thought if I heard “I’m done” one more time I might scream.

I did hear it again (at least once) and I didn’t scream.  Go me.

I loved how these markers looked, all seperated like a rainbow.

This week, I started a self portrait mural, inspired by this.  My classes were pretty receptive to it for the most part.  I assigned a color to each grade, talked about what monochromatic means, did a quick review or lesson on facial proportion and let them go at it. 

Results varied.  From this . . .

To this.  And lots in between.   These are both from the same class/grade.

I let my older classes choose their own main color and then add one analagous color.   If they got done early,  I gave them strips of paper and had them use their same colors to decorate the paper with as many kinds of lines as they could come up with.  Can’t wait to put it all together!! 



  1. Funny! “I’m Done” is one of my bad words – right after “I can’t” – they are not allowed to say it!
    Love the portrait with one eye! Can’t wait to see it all put together.

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