Posted by: keepingthemistakes | September 16, 2010

A new favorite!

I think it’s my favorite simply because I’m loving the final product.  I’m a rainbow freak.  Always have been. 

I got the idea here.

It’s a great way to teach about facial proportion, what monochromatic means, and what analagous means (for the older kids). 

And the final product!!  Wow!  I’m not even quite there yet (I promise I’ll post pictures of the whole thing when it’s done).  I just couldn’t wait to share. 

Isn’t it cool??? 

So many of the individual pictures I love — for various reasons.  Check this one out!

Most of them actually look  sort of like the artist 🙂

Another thing I did this week that was really  helpful/successful was make this sign.  I went over the steps and explained that we would practice if we needed to, and that they would earn spaces on our “Artopoly” game for each one they did successfully each week.

It says Act Responsibly Today, and the steps are:
1.  Enter the room quietly

2.  Listen respectfully

3.  CREATE — Do your best.  Use soft voices.

4. Q (quickly) & Q (quietly) Clean up.

It made a big difference, especially with my 1st graders, but I used the steps with all my grades and it was very helpful.  I used visual reminders for most of them.  My principal recommended I do something like this — he heard a speaker at a recent MTSS conference advocating for things like this — visual, central reminders of expectations.  I’m a believer!

Oh!  I’m making a lesson plan from scratch too, lest you think all I do is borrow ideas from my fellow art teaching bloggers!  I appreicate and use the wealth of ideas my colleagues so kindly share.  I’ll share mine soon too!  I’m basing it on the art of Jen Stark.  Check her work out here (and be sure to click through the list on the left side).  AMAZING stuff.



  1. You seriously are the best art teacher we’ve had in a looong time. You help them create such wonderful things- instead of just giving them paper to color on. (We seriously had an art teacher that did that!) I love watching what the halls will turn into.

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