Posted by: keepingthemistakes | October 7, 2010


There were a number of things in my supply closet when I took residence in the art room that I wondered if I would ever use.  One was 4 cans of shaving cream, another a jar full of plastic palatte knives.  Hmmmm. 

This week, our school is participating in “read for the record”, and reading the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  I love that book.

In researching ideas for that project, I got an idea to use item #1 above.  Did you know that if you  mix equal parts glue and shaving cream, you get puffy white paint?  I didn’t know that.  It’s pretty cool stuff.  Did you also know that applying said paint to paper with a palatte knife works well?  Well, it does work pretty darn well.

This is a side view to show you the actual puffiness.

 I was also able to make the project apply to at least two things that I will need to give grades on for each age level.  So that’s an added perk.

How’s that for Serendipity?  Now, anyone have ideas for spray canola oil?  I have about 6 cans of that.



  1. i’m totally trying the shaving cream with glue – my kids will love it. and AQUA FLO! OH! it sounds fabulous and i had never heard of it – it’s on my list too! thanks!

  2. hahah! i use canola oil when I’m making paper moulds on top of clay. gotta put a layer of canola oil in there or the paper will stick to the clay 🙂

  3. try using canola oil it with oil pastels,either spray the board before the drewing or after, great effect.

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