Posted by: keepingthemistakes | November 5, 2010

Just a few

pictures to keep things from being too boring over here.  Busy times.  Why is this time of year always so busy? 

First a few Kindergarten masterpieces.  We watched the leo lioni movie “fish is fish”, talked about cool colors and lines, and then painted cool colors and lines with metallic temperas.  I used a new method I learned at the conference I went to, which is to give kids one color paint and one brush, then when it’s time to use a new color, take away the first color/brush and give them new.  It was SO MUCH EASIER than trying to convince them not to mix the paints in the paint pans.  Seems like a no-brainer now, but I hadn’t even thought to do it that way!!!
The next week we read the book (that we had seen the movie of the week before) Fish is Fish and talked about warm colors.  Then I gave them a fish pattern, black pieces of construction paper, construction paper crayons and scissors.  We talked again about warm colors, line and also pattern.  They traced, cut, colored and glued the fish onto their cool background.  I think they came out really nice!!

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