Posted by: keepingthemistakes | January 8, 2011

A bit of fun

I just discovered that you can see what has been searched on the web that led people to your blog.  Pretty interesting stuff.  I had seen other bloggers write posts about it and they made me laugh. 

I don’t have  any much art room content today.  This week we made portfolios and sorted out first quarter art work in anticipation of new seating charts next week.  Important work, but not terribly artistic (although they had a wonderful time decorating their portfolios — most of them anyway).  It’s amazing to me still how much kids love new seating charts!  They are more work than I would have guessed, to put together, but we all enjoy a change of perspective once in a while, don’t we? 

Anyway, here are a few amusing searches that led to my blog.  I am kind of a spelling dictator.  Poor spelling and grammar really rub me wrong (my husband always jokes that I should have been an English major).  I’m not going to make light of spelling mistakes on searches though, because although it bugs me, we all make mistakes, right?  Look at my title.  I’m working on it 🙂


bench dog 10-023 – no idea what this means.  Anyone?  Struck me as a really funny search to lead to my blog — what on my blog made the search engine bring this search here???

billy idol – funny but I know I did quote a Billy Idol song once, so there you go.

printmaking mistakes  – HEY!!!  Mistakes????  LOL

That’s really the end of funny ones for now, the rest all made sense.  So I made a whole post about three somewhat funny searches.   How’s that for making a mountain out of a molehill?


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