Posted by: keepingthemistakes | January 20, 2011

This time of year . . .

I’m thinking that I was feeling very similar last year at this time to the way I’m feeling now.  In a word, overwhelmed.  I don’t have any grading to do at the moment, but I just feel like everything is piling up.  My art rooms are a mess, I have paperwork stacking up, I need to order art supplies.  And at the end of the day in the art room, I just feel like collapsing.  This time of year is hard because the light is so short-lived.  I know it’s getting longer, but as a lover of the light, it’s harder for me to feel motivation this time of year.   That’s my story, anyway.  And I’m sticking to it. 

That being said, I have started my orders, and I have made some, albiet sketchy, long-term plans.  I am completely lacking in the organizing my art room arena though.  I’m going to have to just bite the bullet and go after hours and spend some time getting it together.  It’s embarassing. 

Today was an awesome snow day.  I didn’t venture outdoors until about 1:30, and by then the ice had mostly melted.  The sun was out all day.  Not sure we really deserved a snow day, but I’m thankful for it anyway!  I got to lounge around in my pj’s half the day, got some cleaning done, and learned to make chocolate syrup from scratch (and made myself an awesome “mocha”).   And I got to see my daughter play basketball, which I would have missed had we had school.  AND, I got my eyes dilated and got a good report from the eye-doc!



  1. I feel the same way. I don’t know what it is about January! I have had meetings every night, grading was due two days ago and grants are always due in January as well. Ah! I have STARTED to reorganize, I’ve STARTED an order I need to place. Hopefully, we can just hang in there till February! I’ve told myself things slow down then. Good luck! : )

    • Um, looking back on this comment I have to laugh. Hopefully things slow down in February? WHAT? Gov Walker sure changed that. Wow.

      • So true!! I keep telling myself . . .if I can just get through things will slow down and get less crazy. Seems like I’ve been saying that for years, but so far no luck 🙂 What is the status of things up your way for teachers? I heard lots in the news in Feb, but not much lately.

  2. Understand…I’ve yet to see my Monday classes & I only have my students once a week….WE’RE THREE WEEKS IN TO THE 3rd 9 WEEKS! How am I gonna have an art show in March if I don’t see my students????

  3. Usually I am the “Queen of Organizing” in the art room, however I would be ashamed to show my desk right now. I think you are onto something. Everything is harder in the winter. I also have not been using my time wisely. I need to utilize every 15 minute space of time I have to get just one little task done. We can all do it. It’s just hard. Good luck to you…We all can get creative and push through.

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