Posted by: keepingthemistakes | February 2, 2011


We have gotten a second and third  snow day, which is unheard of in our district.  Seriously.  Many years, everyone (teachers, students, parents) think one should be called and it isn’t, and this year we’ve had three!!   I have used the time to relax, enjoy time with my kids, and do some things that get brushed aside during busy school-days, like long term lesson planning and ordering supplies.  I have my supply order almost done, will finish it today I think.  So, that’s nice.

Last week was Kansas day so here are a few of the projects I did.  I got some of the ideas from a workshop I went to at the KAEA conference in October.  I can’t remember who sent them, they wanted us to send them pics if we used the lessons, but I deleted the e-mail.  So, if you know them, please direct them to my blog 🙂  It was a mother/daughter team that led the workshop.  Great ideas!  I tweaked them a bit, to fit my population, but mostly used them as they sent them.  Kindergarten — cut centers, torn petals glued onto a solid colored sheet.  First grade — Loaded brush sunflowers.  This was a neat lesson because it was using the brush in a way that wasn’t familiar — kind of like a stamp.  Second grade — Our own interpretation of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.  I read the book “Camille and the Sunflowers” to them, talked about Kansas and our state symbols, etc. and then we drew together (I drew on the board) the vase and flowers; start with the vase sides and bottom, add flower centers, then petals, then leaves and stems, then the table line, then color in so none of the paper color shows through.  Mix colors, etc.  Mine is the only example I have of this one.  It was fun to do!  I love oil pastels!  Third and Fourth grades didn’t do it because they have missed out on classes two times due to no school on Mondays.  Sooooo hard when I only see them once a week.  That’s my plug for more arts in our schools — once a week is not enough!!! 
Wishing you warm weather and sunshine!


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