Posted by: keepingthemistakes | March 2, 2011


I hope we are done with snow for the year!  As you’ve seen from my previous posts, we’ve had way more winter weather so far this year than most.  And we are so ready for spring.

But, I started a “cool” colors snowperson project with Kindergarten, so we are still heavy into the snow in the art room!  I got a good part of my project idea from erin over at laugh, paint, create.  She has great ideas!  I tweaked it a bit, to fit my supplies, etc. 

First, we read the book The Biggest Snowman Ever (a book our youngest got from her Kindergarten teacher — she’s now in 5th grade).  It’s a great book about cooperation and winter!  Then we talked about cool colors, winter, etc.  Day one we made the background.  I had them use printmaking rollers to roll blue paint onto their paper.  I had one roller and tray at each of 7 tables, and they had to take turns – cooperation and working together!  Just like in the book!  Then I gave them light blue iridescent paint (or just pearl — it turned bluish when painted on top of the blue) and had them use these brushes to dab on some sparkly snow, again one per table that they had to share/take turns with.  The kids, ok me too, love these brushes.  Even before they (I) use them they (I) are in love with them.  Then we put the paintings away until next time.

Day two starts with a review of our snowman book, looking outside to see what the weather is looking like now.  I have incredibly awesome big windows in my art room!  Then I give them white paint and a spring-type clothespin with a cotton ball gripped in the end of it.  I show them how to “daub” the paint on with the cotton ball, not paint with it like a regular brush.  I show them how to make their snowperson and the snow the snowperson is standing (?) on.  Then we put them in the drying rack.

This one has a vampire snowman!

Day three begins with a new book, Lois Ehlert’s Snowballs.  WHAT A FUN BOOK!!!!  Are you familiar with this book?  If you’re not, you need to go find it and read it.  I’ll wait.  Next, we talk about the steps to make a snowman (which is also a wonderful interactive read-aloud technique that we learned about on our last professional day!!!).  First you . . . , next you . . . , then you . . . , etc.  You get the idea.  We talked about what you would make the nose (eyes, mouth, arms, etc.) out of and then looked at the pictures and all the unusual things used.  I gave them each their very own paper plate with six blobs of tempera paint on them.  I told them they could paint the details on their snowman and make them anything they want.  I told them they could mix their colors!  They were amazed.  Really?!?!?!  We can mix the colors?!?!?!  Then I let them go.  What fun results!  Some colored their whole snowman and background blackish grey.  85% of the plates were blackish grey when I picked them up.  While some of the snowmen came out super cute, it was very clear to me that the PROCESS was way more important than the product in this case, maybe in every case, but this one for sure.  They had so much fun mixing those paints together.  I can’t tell you how many of them said “ART IS SO MUCH FUN, I LOVE ART, ART IS THE BEST”.  Does my heart good!

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P.S.  Can you find the picture of what my sink looked like at the end of the day?



  1. Is that my boy’s art in the first pic? Can’t wait until that comes home! And I was going to comment on your last post, but for some reason never did. But, oh my, your girl is so cute! Love that last picture of her in that post!

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