Posted by: keepingthemistakes | May 15, 2011

Counting down (with clay and other art stuff)

Just a note about glazes.  The glazes I’ve used on most projects this year were from a Triarco class pack: and search lowfire glazes.   I love these glazes — they are successful even when students don’t put quite enough glaze on or when they put too much.  The color might be more transparent, but it looks ok — it’s still shiny. 

8 days of school left (7 for art, but I’m subbing next Friday too)

7 art classes I’m teaching during the month of June

(0) 6 cone I use to do glaze firings

5 days  (out of 5) that I will sleep in during the first week of summer break

(0) 4 cone use to do bisque firings

3 (hundred million) boxes to pack up as I move from one art room to another. 

2 sinks in the new art room (moving from an art room with 0 sinks and no running water IN THE BUILDING)

1 kiln firing left to do (on Monday, and next year I am NOT waiting until the last month of school to have everyone do clay).

Looking forward to summer.  Looking forward to next year and more awesome art experiences with kids!  Summer will be a nice respite, and hopefully I will have some experiences that inspire my teaching for next year, as well as some that will renew my spirit.



  1. I feel your pain – I am also doing clay projects this late in the year!!! 4th grade tiles, 3 grade pinch pot critters and I have a 4/5 grade 3D elective class on fridays that is filling up every flat spot in my room!

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