Posted by: keepingthemistakes | May 31, 2011

My own version . . .

It’s summer!!! I know, not officially on-the-calendar summer, but it’s summer at my house. Oh boy, is it ever. Haha. We are making some changes and commitments at home regarding how we live together and enjoy each other.  It’s nice to have a change of pace so we can spend time doing that!
I plan to spend time updating this blog to show some projects we did through the year that I didn’t have time to post about, AND do some planning for next year so I’m more organized. 

My other inspiration is to do something creative every day. I know lots of blogs have done this very same thing, but I really want to do it too! I seem to not be very good at sticking with something like that, but I thought to myself that maybe I would be more stick-withitish if I was doing it myself. So let’s see. Want to join me? I’m gonna call it BAM (Beth and Me — good grammar, right?). Put the button on your blog. It’s right here: 

I’m going to try to blog DAILY about my BAM activity and would love you to do it too. You can do the same thing I’m doing, or your own creative endeavor. Please leave a comment with a link to your blog so I, and anyone else who reads here, can follow your creative work too! Enjoy!


  1. Can I send my kids to your house to be creative everyday? 🙂

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