Posted by: keepingthemistakes | August 18, 2011

And awaaaaaaaay we go . . .

School started yesterday. I don’t have pictures of my room yet. I didn’t even remember to take first day of school pictures of my kids. But here is some bright fun that is in my art room this year. Have you made one??? They are so fun!!! I’ll post room photos and info on some of my new organizational ideas soon, but until then, enjoy the crayon fun! Edited to add: I used a blow dryer on the first two, set to hot, and the sunlight on a hot day on the last one (browns). The hair dryer is more reliable and easy to control.



  1. Very cool! I have seen this on Internet and thought about trying it out. Did you use a heat gun?? Love your results!

  2. So many beautiful colors! I think the existence of color helps me believe there really is a God. Seriously.

    Hoping the school year goes well, Beth.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog today. : ) I’ve been wanting to try this too…it’s so hot here in Alabama, I thought I could set one in my car and it would probably be all melted in 5 minutes! Ha!

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