Posted by: keepingthemistakes | August 23, 2011

This makes me happy

I made my own lesson plan books this year.  Regular lesson plan books just don’t lend themselves to art class planning, at least not the way my schedule works.  This makes me so happy!  The colorful covers are so fun.  I’ve very visually stimulated, so the pretty covers makes me want to get them out and plan lessons!  I made one for each of my two schools.

This is what they look like on the inside.  You can’t really see it, but it has each of my classes listed on each day, and then a seperate column for supplies, etc.

This is the entrance into Art!  (That inside door is the door into my office, store room and kiln room).  Our school theme is The Wizard of Oz this year, and our end of the building is the Emerald City.  I decided my room is Somewhere Over the Rainbow!  Working on a rainbow on my big window (but it’s not done yet!).

This is my Art Room Jobs bulletin board.  I’ve never done jobs like this, and am excited to try it. I got the job ideas here, and I made a powerpoint using some of the other ideas from this slide show, but made them fit our school.  So far, the Handout Helpers and Material Collectors have gone the best.  As we get messier, though, I’m expecting some of the other jobs to get more exciting!


I’ve wanted to do this since I started teaching.  It’s in the hall outside my room and it’s the “Masterpiece of the Month”.  I’m going to do a different artist/work each month and put little tidbits of info around the outside.  The little word bubbles say Piet is short for Pieter, which is the Dutch form of Peter and His most famous works use only the colors Red, Blue and Yellow.  Do you know anything special about those three colors?  I plan on adding a few more tidbits as the month goes on.

That’s my organizational fun for today!  I’m not organized by nature, but I’m working on it.  I find I am so much happier when I’m organized.  Who knew?  It only took my 50 years or so to figure it out!!  How is your year starting out?  What is making you the most happy?



  1. Love the lesson plan book! I want to make my own now too!

  2. Your lesson plan books make ME happy, too! 🙂

  3. I love your plan book! Isn’t it amazing how you can make something pretty and then all of a sudden you want to do work you never liked doing before? : )

  4. I love your plan book! I think I’ll make one, too. Thanks for the boost!

  5. I love it all! How did you do the binding for your lesson planner? Thanks for your e-mail by the way. Sorry I never got back to you.

    • Libby, we have a binding machine at school — it cuts the holes and then has a mechanism for putting the combs into them so it’s kind of spiral bound!

  6. sorry –I posted this under the wrong post–see–problems with computers–I am trying to learn more–I would LOVE to have an art room blog some day too!!! here is my comment for the lesson book–

    I have been struggling with my lesson plans–I CANNOT find a lesson plan book I like–I have tried to make my own–(I have very little computer knowledge) and I am having no luck–I LOVE you lesson plan book–can you share the categories and what program you made it in-i tried seeing a larger photo of the pages but could not—thanks for any help you can give me!!!

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