Posted by: keepingthemistakes | September 8, 2011

It’s all about the JOY!

So, the year is back in the swing fully.  Schedule changes, new activities, it’s starting out pretty busy — but good.  There have been some not-so-great moments in my art rooms already (and honestly, I wrote this a week ago, and I can’t even remember most of the not-so-great moments of which I wrote!), but I’m not going to focus on those, because I decided that it’s really all about the JOY!  The moments of pure joy that happen in an art room every single day.  And we haven’t even painted yet!!  I’m going to list a few, just to share!

  • Singing the ABC song. loudly, after reading Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM.
  • Learning the “Oh I Love to Come to Art Every Week” song.
  • Being amazed at the Magic Art Class book, and then figuring out how they did it!
  • Laughing uproarously when someone in the class tooted loudly, then laughing even harder when the teacher (me) said yes, it’s funny, but everyone does it! (the idea of everyone tooting is hilarious, in case you didn’t know that!).
  • Remembering from last year which colors are warm and which ones are cool!
  • Remembering the Primary colors AND the Primary Colors SONG!!!
  • Remembering the rules of facial proportion, even if we don’t quite believe that our eyes are really in the middle of our head!
  • Finding out that I have pictures from my blog on Pintrest!!!  And not ones that I put on there myself.  That is very exciting 🙂 (ok, that didn’t happen in the art room, but it’s still exciting).

And that’s just in the first two weeks!  Wait until we get to mix the paints together!!  Talk about JOY!



  1. I discovered pictures of mine on Pintrest the other day, too! Very exciting!! 🙂

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