Posted by: keepingthemistakes | September 16, 2011

Slow start

Not really a slow start, but a slow start getting art to take pictures of (my baby turned 12 this week, and I made another fun birthday cake, so the photos are of that!).  Both schools are working on Monochromatic Self Portraits like this.  I’m hoping to get them put up at both schools before fall Parent/Teacher conferences, which start in about 2 weeks.  It’s pretty labor intensive to put them all together, but so worth it.I’m also working on my more organized curriculum for this year.  I’m starting out with all classes (except Kindergarten) doing pretty much the same beginning stuff.  Then I will move into the curriculum, which I am mapping out like this:

K – Kindergarten has their own curriculum, but we will move through the art elements, starting with Line

1st-3rd – Moving through the elements, using the book Art is Fundamental, years 1-3 respectively, as a starting point.  I won’t use all the same projects, but will move through the elements also, beginning with line.

4th – Art History: Prehistoric through Modern, focusing on artists as well as the elements and principles.
5th – Art History year 2: Prehistoric through Modern but different artists and techniques.  Also focusing on the elements and principles.

6th – 8th – Studio Art.  One medium per 9 weeks, beginning with Drawing, moving through Painting, Printnmaking, and 3-D.  I will give them more freedom to be self-directed within the medium, expect them to take responsibilty to set up and clean up independently.

I’m excited about having a more organized curriculum, but it takes a lot of time and mental energy to get it all together!



  1. I didn’t know you made cakes, Beth! I do, too. It’s great to see your curriculum mapped out like this, and especially good to see your incorporation of art history in their learning.

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