Posted by: keepingthemistakes | October 3, 2011

Soooooooo . . .

yeah.  Things have picked up.  Why does this time of year always seem like we’re at the top of a really steep hill, starting down and picking up speed?
It’s not a bad feeling, necessarily.  Just a little crazy.

Oil pastel & black tempera scratch art

I’ve start my art history unit with 4th grade.  So far, so good.  Actually, I’m teaching a class at the local rec. center and am testing out the art history projects there first.  It’s kind of awesome!  So far we’ve covered cave art, Egyptian art, Grecian art, and are moving into Roman & Chinese art next.  In school we just started cave art, and the kids seemed really receptive to it.

We’ve also worked on fall self portraits, monochromatic self portraits (all-school, see below), elements of art through leaf exploration, and learning about line.  I feel really positive about what we’re doing in art, but I can’t believe the first quarter is nearly gone!!!

Monochromatic self portraits. This year, staff made them too! More photos coming soon.

And here is a project that I saw on pintrest (and in the Art is Fundamental book) and had to try.  It’s awesome!  I’m excited to make it with some of my older students (maybe 4th grade, but definitely middle school).  I did it fast so it’s not the best execution, but you get the idea!

Happy October!


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