Posted by: keepingthemistakes | November 11, 2011

Once a month?!

I really want to post more than once a month.  No excuse but just busy.  Here is a taste of what’s been going on in my art room(s).  We have moved from the element of line into color for most grades, moved from cave art to Egyptian art for 4th & 5th grades, and started our studio art in middle school.  An amazing note, I talked to my older classes about right brain/left brain activities and told them that when we’re being creative it’s best to work in silence because if we start talking, our left brain takes over and it’s harder to be creative.  They worked in complete silence.  It was amazing.  And most of them agreed that it did help them be more creative.

Here are photos of a line sculpture project I did with Kindergarten.

They had so much fun with these!  It was awesome to watch.  And now they are hung in the hallway and look really cool.  I’ll try to get a pic or two.

And  a few Egyptian Cartouches in progress:

They will be painting their hieroglyph name on them next week.

Have a great weekend!






  1. Love it, Beth!

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