Posted by: keepingthemistakes | January 3, 2012

I think I thought that

I did, I did, I did think I thought that.  What I thought was that I would have lots of time to update my blog over Christmas break.  For some reason, it didn’t happen.  So, here I am.  Grades are done, work day is over, and classes start first thing tomorrow.  I have new seating charts (at least for tomorrow’s classes) ready to go.

I haven’t updated in so, so long, so here are some photos of what’s been happening in my art rooms.

We made Chrismons at the Catholic school where I teach. I put them on the wall ala Andy Warhol.

My public school students all made polymer clay ornaments. Second grade made penguins. They were SO CUTE!

These ornaments were awesome when they were finished, but a huge endeavor!  Thanks to my colleagues who have done them year after year for giving me lots of support, encouragement and instruction!  Just getting them baked without losing track of which student they belong to is a big deal (I have nearly 300 students at the school where we made them!).   Huge job but very worth it.  I know I cherish the ornament my own kids made, and I know most parents that received these ornaments will cherish them too.  If you’re interested in trying something like that just leave me a comment or send me a message.  I’d be glad to pass on what I’ve learned.

Each one was unique

Kindergarten made stars.

Snowmen hanging on the drying rack after being dipped in glaze.

First grade made teddy bears, third grade snowmen and fourth grade santas.

I'm also doing art birthday parties at the local rec. center, where everyone paints a real canvas painting.

This party was for a little boy turning 5 (his painting is the green "shark" whale).

And here is the finished community Christmas card. They took it down today.

Happy New Year!  I resolve to update more often!!!



  1. Beth, we LOVE the penguin ornament! Thanks for making the time to do these with your classes and THANKS for all the out of school time it takes! Heather

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