Posted by: keepingthemistakes | February 14, 2012

Human Proportion and Positive/Negative Space

Both of these concepts can be complex and hard to understand, and both of these concepts are graded for 3rd grade.  I found this lesson plan my first year as a teacher, and have incorporated parts of it into a lesson on human proportion.  Then, recently I saw this on Pinterest.  I could do a whole post on Pinterest.  Don’t get me started.

So, we did the body measurement, talked about general human proportion and what bodies in motion look like.  We played with wooden manikins (I got enough small manikins so each of my tables can have one), each student arranging it and everyone else at the table guessing what the figure was doing (jumping, diving, dancing, etc). This was all on the first day, and if there was extra time we did gesture drawings with the manikins.  Next class we made our bodies in motion — black silhouettes. I have no idea why I made the heads white.  No idea.  My students all wanted to draw faces on them. Which, really, is fine.   

Then we put them together, in motion, and they could add one accessory (soccer ball, skateboard, tu-tu, etc).  Next week, we’ll adhere them to black paper somehow.  I think there is a repositionable adhesive I’m going to try to put my hands on.  Color over and around the shape with oil pastels or construction paper crayons, and hopefully end up with something really cool.  My initial attempt is below.  I love how it shows negative space, and I think it will make sense to them what positive and negative space is.  I’ll let you know!


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