Posted by: keepingthemistakes | March 21, 2012

So much happening

There has been so much activity in the art room lately (well, not the last few days, as it’s Spring Break!!!).  We are into the final 9 weeks of the year.  How can that be???  So much yet to do.  Clay, for one.  Which, if you recall, I vowed NOT to leave until the end of the year again.  Whoops.   I will begin right after Spring Break so that will help.

This is a cool hallway view that includes Kindergarten cut and torn sunflowers (for Kansas Day!  Awesome project from Sarah McGraw, a fellow Kansas art teacher) and first grade loaded brush sunflowers (from Helen Windhorst, another fellow Kansas art teacher) on the left, and scratch art Grecian urns on the left.

These are the Kinders Kansas Day sunflowers at my other school.  They really brighten up the stairwell!

I got new art supplies and equipment.  Here is just a preview of my awesome rainbow storage.  Also, glitter watercolors, which look really pretty and sparkly, but don’t really paint that pretty and sparkly.  But, the metallic watercolors are cool.

And here are the faces of Famous Kansans that 3rd grade is working on.  I think 4th grade will also make 3-d faces for the biographies they are working on.  We will paint/decorate them and display them on a collage about the person they are depicting.

3rd grade has also been learning about 1-point perspective and 3-d shapes and letters.  I despaired at how to teach them to make 3-d letters, and then I found this lesson.  It’s amazing and it WORKS for most students.  We did LOVE first and learned about Robert Indiana’s sculpture, and then moved on to their own names (this happens to be my daughter’s name).

That’s a short synopsis of what’s going on right now.  I have big plans for the last 9 weeks.  Getting lots of inspiration on Pinterest and other art teacher blogs!  Sooooo much inspiration.  Are you on Pinterest?  Are you addicted like I am??



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