Posted by: keepingthemistakes | July 14, 2012


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.  Not as creepy as Poltergeist, I promise (if you don’t understand that reference to a movie from the 80’s, thanks for making me feel old).

Cast is off, arm is recuperating (slowly), summer art classes have begun, Bible School is over (except for the shouting), and whew.  Life is full and busy.  AND, and and and, it’s time to start thinking about school starting.  Can you believe it?  I feel like such a whiner (whinger as my New Zealand friend would say), but seriously?  So glad I made notes to myself at the end of the school year about how I would like to do things next year because, honestly, my brain is kind of like mush right now.

On to art related things, though.  My first week of summer art classes — Art Camp and Art Journaling and Bookmaking went really well.  I had fun with all three groups I worked with.  The younger class had 9 boys and 3 girls.  Quite unusual and very energetic, but fun.

I am getting so much inspiration from Pinterest and other web pages. So much information on the internet, it could just suck you in and take every free moment.  I am doing my best to practice self control.

So, the whole point of this post is that I plan to be posting again — I am typing with two hands!  Wooo hoo.  It hurts, but every time I do it, it gets a little easier, so it’s all good.

I hope you hadn’t given up hope on me ever posting again.  Keep coming back!  I promise my next post will include pictures!!!


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