Posted by: keepingthemistakes | September 1, 2012

So many pins, so little time . . .

Do you do Pinterest?  It’s an addiction, but a healthy one?  Maybe.

Lots of art class ideas, lots of personal inspiration.  Kind of hard to see the line between inspiration and doing when you get started, though.

Back to art class.  The school year has started so nicely.  The first week of school we made individual folders.  I had an epiphany at the end of the last school year.  I realized how stressful it was for me to change seating arrangements, partially because moving artwork from table folder to table folder was a MESS.  My epiphany is something seasoned art teacher will says “well, duh!” about, but it was something I hadn’t thought of.  I have color-coded table folders, and in the past students at that table have just put their art work in it at the end of class, many with no names on them.  Hey!  How about having individual folders to go inside the color-coded table folders. Yeah, duh, I know, but I didn’t think of it before.  So, our first week of art class we went over policies and procedures and made individual folders.  Now when I change seating arrangements, they just take their personal folder and go to their new seat.  Ahhhhhhh (that’s me, sighing with relief, because even if their projects don’t have their name on them, they should be in their personal folder!!! Yay!).

This week we watched the Beautiful Oops video and then did our fall self portraits. Our elementary art program has, for years and years, done fall and spring untutored self portraits.  Each grade level has prompts (for example, First Grade is “Look at me, I can ______”) that they answer and then illustrate with themselves doing whatever their answer was.  After the video I talk to them about turning their pictures into a beautiful oops if they make a line that they don’t like. Most years I have a handful in each grade that have to start over because they can’t fix a “mistake” they think they made.  This year, I had a grand total of 0 start over.  Yes, ZERO.  I was amazed and excited by that!!!  I love Beautiful Oops.  And, on a side note, this week I became facebook friends with the author!  How cool is that?? Pretty cool, I’d say 🙂

A big project coming up at one of my schools is that we are going to make tie-dye t-shirts for every student and staff member.  One color per grade level.  At first thought, it sounds overwhelming, BUT . . . only one color.  I figure I’ll show  ways to rubber band the shirts for different (simple) patterns, let them do their rubber bands and then they will bring them and drop them in the vat of dye.  Not so hard or stressful, right?  I’ll keep you posted 🙂

P.S. if you want to Pinterest with me, my username is byhwdy1 🙂


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