Posted by: keepingthemistakes | September 11, 2012

International Dot Day

Have you read the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds?  It’s an awesome book about art and how everyone can do art — you don’t have to have special talent, just make your mark and see where it takes you.  

Saturday is International Dot Day.  There is lots of internet hype about it, at least in the circles I hang out in.  So, this week in my art room, we are focusing on dots. On dots that are not all the same, but like we want them to be.  And every one of them is ok, and good. 

I have painted with 12 classes so far this week, 4 of which were Kindergarten.  It’s been intense, but fun.  We’re also reviewing what we know about color and, for some grade levels, learning something new — like monochromatic and intermediate colors.  It’s rewarding to have students remember things you taught them last year!  And, seriously, they love painting.  And mixing colors.  And making a bit of a mess.  Fun times!!!   

Yesterday I got blue tempera paint (not the washable kind) splattered all over my shirt and jacket.  Oh well.  They both had small stains on them already.  Art teachers are supposed to look flaky and paint splattered, right?

Happy Dot Day!!!


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