Posted by: keepingthemistakes | October 11, 2012

Color Wheel Week (Like Shark Week, but less scary)

Usually less scary, anyway.  There are moments.

I’m trying to do units of study each month, and have all grade levels doing something within that unit (for example, right now our unit is COLOR).  Each grade has different things they are learning about color (from primary colors to intermediate colors, to monochromatic, tints and shades, and so on).  This week I focused on color wheels.

Kindergarten and grades 7-8 haven’t started color wheels yet.  Everyone else has gotten started, and the photos below show our progress.  All in all I felt like it went really well.

First Grade – I drew the circles and divided them, then we scribble colored them in with the appropriate color (I never let them scribble color!) and then used the Do-A-Dot markers to fill them in. Fun, one day project!

Second Grade Symmetrical Color Wheels. We draw on one side with black crayon, then fold and rub with a popsicle stick to transfer the design, then paint it together using only primaries and making secondaries. I think I need to rethink this project because they get confused during the painting. I have them number the six sections, but that doesn’t do the trick . . . Input?

Third Grade — Pointillism using only Primary Colors.



Fifth Grade Op Art Color Wheel (thanks Artsonia!!). Drew the Op art Pattern with 12 sections and convex and concave lines, Coloring with only Primary and Secondary colored pencils and mixing the intermediate colors. We’ll shade the white sections with the same color next.

Showing this to show the color mixing. I think they really get it!!!

6th Grade — Radial Balance. We’ll Paint each section using tints and shades (and maybe complimentary colors) of the primary and secondary colors.

Kindergarten did rainbow fish drawings (using cool colors) with construction paper crayons on black paper and added one shining scale!

7th & 8th Grade finished up Zentangle initials, painted them and mounted them on coordinating construction paper. They will do complex radial color wheels next week.



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