Posted by: keepingthemistakes | November 9, 2012

More color

I am a super failure at updating this blog lately.  My excuse(s) is/are that October was crazy busy. I had something going on E.V.E.R.Y. weekend.  Fun stuff, but still.  And now? It’s NOVEMBER guys.  I just can’t believe it.  Anyway, more color in the art room.  In most of my grades I have moved on to line and drawing, but my older classes, for various reasons, are still working on color wheels.

I’m not a big fan of teaching middle school.  I love middle schoolers individually, but in a large group it’s a little harder.  Oh, listen, I don’t dislike them, but they are just harder to teach because they are so focused on being cool and impressing the opposite sex.  Anyway, the thing about middle school art is that they can do really cool projects, and I get to make examples, which is really fun too!!

6th grade is making color wheels with six sections, mixing their own secondary colors and tints.  Each pie piece also includes a complimentary color.  Their color wheels have 6 pie pieces.

My example

7th grade is doing a color explosion project like this.  Oh pinterest, how I love thee!

My example (I am having waaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun making this!!!)

And, finally, 8th grade is making complex color wheels.  Very similar to 6th grade, except they are mixing intermediate color as well.  Only using red, blue and yellow paint.  Their color wheels have 12 pie pieces.

Once again, my example. And, once again, way too much fun!!!

Soon, I will begin Thanksgiving themed printmaking with 2nd grade — they have a Thanksgiving feast AND one of their standards is to explore a variety of patterns using printmaking, soooooo — we make bubble wrap printmaking turkeys and fingerprint turkey placecards.

And then, it will be time for the polymer Christmas ornaments.  I learned about baking safety at my KAEA workshop in October (one of the awesome things that kept me really busy during the month!!), so I will do a better job of baking them safely.  I’m glad I learned that.  Sorry to learn that I’ve been poisoning my family for years by baking my polymer clay in my home oven  but . . . I’ll do better now :)!!



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