Posted by: keepingthemistakes | May 14, 2013

More clay (less agony, more thrill)

This week has been more positive in the clay production.  My third bisque firing was once again successful — no broken pieces!!


Today 2nd graders painted their mammals.  I guess I’m kind of a purist when it comes to clay work — deep down I just think ceramic pieces should be glazed.  But look at how cute these turned out when they painted them!!!  Pretty awesome.


ImageThis is a moose, and I think it is so cool.  Sorry it’s so blurry, but you get the idea. 

ImageRemember the caracal??  Still cute (those are claw marks from a bear, in case you were wondering).



Also, today, 4th graders added color to their greenware coasters.  Last year I successfully fired these once, bisque and glaze all-in-one.  I’m hoping for success with that again this year!  Once they have painted their stamped radial designs, I will put clear glaze on top of them and fire them.  Image

3rd grade will be painting their bowls with the same glazes, but their bowls have been bisque fired (photo above).  I will also put a coat of clear glaze on top of their colorful glazes before firing (in my free time).


ImageI just liked how this looked sitting on the floor after a full day of glazing and painting!  




  1. I always paint rather than glaze, for purely logistical reasons! However the kids are never disappointed, and I figure that painted pottery is better than no pottery at all! Your students have done great work! I will be following you with interest…

  2. ohmygosh what fun… i love the coasters!

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