Posted by: keepingthemistakes | July 21, 2013

Art Camp I – Post II

I start Art Camp II tomorrow, so don’t want to confuse you myself.

So, my last post ended with the “in-progress” paper mache sculptures.  On Wednesday, we painted our sculptures (or kept working on them, in some cases) and also painted canvas tote bags.  Again, I let them be pretty self-directed, just giving some guidelines and then letting them do t heir thing.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the completely finished products in the younger class, so some of these are only partially finished!


This is a finished caterpillar (in the back) and a sculpture I”ll talk about later (in the front).


Finished cheetah turned leopard.


Partially finished beast of some sort.  It was SO CUTE when it was all done!


Ball in progress.  Also really cute when done.


Free form sculptures!



I think these were mostly pencil shapes.  I had made a pencil and they followed suit.  They turned out really cute when they were done.




This is jewelry.


Bug in front and . . . no, it’s not a skunk, it’s sunglasses — she attached wire ear pieces, and painted eyes on the white part.  They turned out pretty cute, as well.  And so creative!


Tote bag art, very meticulously made by a 5 year old!


Keepin’ it real — just because I ask them not to make big blobs of paint, doesn’t mean they listen!




Next, we decorated portfolios, mono-printing on mirrors, cut paper collages, paper plate weaving, and pastels (both oil and chalk).  I didn’t take pictures of most of those things, but here are a few pastels from the older class.


130717_0027 130717_0028

Finally, on the last day, I made salt & cornstarch dough, the recipe is here. And we did free sculpting with it.   I also let the older kids do some polymer clay.  The last day is pretty chaotic, gathering up all their work from the week (I have them leave everything there until Friday, so they have it all together to show their families).  Again, I forgot photos on the last day with the littles, so these are the bigger kid’s sculptures.




Cell phone (on the left) and not sure what on the right 🙂


How cute is this kitty on it’s bed?





Butterfly polymer clay.


Polymer clay dog.

Now, onward and upward.  Art Camp II and Mimicking the Masters starts tomorrow.  I also started thinking and planning for school last night.  And away we goooooooooooooooo . . .





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