Posted by: keepingthemistakes | June 29, 2014

Time, the final frontier

Is that a real thing? Like from a movie or something.  I don’t really think so, but yeah, it’s been like 4 months since I’ve posted on this blog.  And before that it hadn’t been that long, BUT it had been since August before THAT.  So, seriously only about 5 posts for the whole school year.  That is pitiful and I am planning to do better.  I’m also planning to do Artsonia this year.

I know, almost sounds impossible, right?  My track record isn’t that good.  But . . .


I did get to see the world’s largest Van Gogh in Goodland, KS earlier this month!

And, I do already have my first lesson plan made for August.  I used things I learned in professional development in spring and early summer. This summer I continued Kagan training.  Have I told you that cooperative learning is THE BOMB.  Oh yeah, I think I did tell you that.  I am even more convinced.  Before that we had a whole district training with Anita Archer.  Wow.  Another training that felt really relevant.  I’m incorporating her strategies immediately when school starts.  If you’re not familiar with her you should look her up.

Ok, another thing I’ve worked on that feels pretty earth shaking to me, is that I designed this portfolio insert.

portfolio insert Kindergarten Quarter 1

I don’t know if that worked or not.  If you click on it, do you get a word document?  Hopefully, you do.

I have struggled with grading.  I think this will help.  Each quarter I will make a new one for each grade level, including “I can” statements related to the concept(s) I will be focusing on.  At the end of the 9 weeks they will evaluate how they have done, I will evaluate how they have done, and they will take the portfolios with completed works home.  If there are P/T conferences at the end of the quarter I will keep them there to share with parents who stop by.  Grading in art is just a challenge, for me anyway.  I’m hoping this will help.  I might incorporate a spot to mark somehow if there are behavior issues, to inform my participation in art grade.

And finally, I have been pinteresting project ideas.  My plan is to organize my art class pinterest boards a bit this summer, too.

AND, my fellow specials teachers and I received a teacher technology grant for 12 iPads to share!!  I’m super pumped about that and have been perusing lessons using iPads.  I found an incredible art teacher in Illinois, Tricia Fugelstad, who has shared lots of great ideas.  I’m finding other resources, too, but this presentation has been very helpful, and her website looks like it’s full of great ideas. Now I just can’t wait to get my hands on one and start really playing around!

So, there are plans and goals.  Wish me luck!  And hope to see you here again sooner than last time.  Hope you’re all having a great summer!



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