Posted by: keepingthemistakes | September 28, 2014

iPads and Dots

IMAG0779IMAG0777This year is going well.  I feel more organized and on top of things, and I am working with more classroom teachers on art/ELA/writing projects, so that feels good.  So far our major acheivements have been painting dots — the whole school, including some staff have painted them — to commemorate and celebrate International Dot Day, Sept. 15ish.  If haven’t read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, you should.  It’s an amazing and inspirational book, and one of my favorites to share with my students.  I love all of his books, actually.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the other “specials” teachers and I received a district teacher technology grant to purchase 12 iPads to use in our classrooms.  I’ve been able to use them first. It’s taken weeks to get the approved apps on them and get them ready for student use, but we are there.  I started them last week.  Our classes are generally 22-24 students, so they are working in pairs.  In my last post I also mentioned Tricia Fuglestad and her amazing iPad lessons.  She has been such an inspiration, for both myself and my students (I have shown them her videos of student work as inspiration).  But, after my first week of iPad lessons with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades, all I can say is . . . WOW.  It was terrifying, mystifying, and awesome all at once.  I haven’t taken any photos yet because it was C.R.A.Z.Y.  First grade is making Lima Bean Monsters, Second grade is animating characters from a Fractalized Fairy Tale they wrote in their classroom (using Chatterpix Kids) and 3rd grade is making symmetrical vases using their own profile, and using positive and negative space.  Here’s a chatterpix video I did this summer.  I drew the pumpkin (which also may look like a tomato) in an app called Brushes 3, but it seems to be no longer available.  Ok, I can’t seem to insert it here, so look here Hopefully that will work.

So that’s what’s been happening in the art room.  I wish I saw kids more than once a week.  The first four weeks was spent doing intro to art, fall self portraits, and portfolios.  The second week we missed a Monday for labor day, and then a Thursday at my other school for conferences, so my Monday & Thursday kids have had even less art than everyone else.

Happy Fall!


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