Posted by: keepingthemistakes | February 15, 2015


There was some sort of social media campaign last week to post what you love about teaching with the above hashtag.  I have to admit that last week was incredibly busy.  We had commitments every evening, which made for long days and lots of yawning.  Also, valentine’s day.  At an elementary school.  Yeah.  Wonderful, but wow. I subbed in a 4th grade classroom Friday, and it a great day.  But wow.  The party was total chaos, but then it was time to go home 🙂

I read them the book “The Art of Miss Chew” by Patricia Polacco.  It is such a wonderful book, and the class was completely silent while I read.  When I finished, they broke into applause.  I had to stop a couple of times to hold back tears, because the story touches me so.  You should find it and read it.

I’ve been failing once again to post in a timely way, but here’s to new beginnings.  I will say that teaching art, and maybe teaching in general, gets better every year.   I keep thinking I’ll hit the summit and start down the other side, but so far I feel like I’m still climbing.  And learning a lot while I’m doing it.  I’m really hyped about information I’ve found about TAB (teaching for artistic behavior) and Dbae (Discipline based art education).  Basically, it’s teaching techniques, and then letting students come up with their own creative ideas.  I’ve found that I’m not completely comfortable with the kind of art I’ve been teaching — where we all basically make the same thing.  Each student is creative to a certain extent, and they learn the techniques and elements I’m teaching them, but there’s not much time or option for branching out and really creating their own ideas.  I think that’s important, and I’ve struggled with not allowing my students to do that.  Next year, if I still have a job (you’ve probably heard about our wonderful Governor and his support <cough,cough> of education in the great state of Kansas), I’m going to have a TAB/Dbae classroom.  I’m pumped about it.  I’ve already started doing some things with these methods, and it will take some getting used to for me and my students as well!

Since I like posts with photos or videos, I’m going to try to embed a video I made using collaborative art my students made for the Martin Luther King, Jr. community celebration in January.

<p><a href=”″>MLK Movie</a> from <a href=”″>Beth Burns</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>




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