Posted by: keepingthemistakes | November 14, 2018

My students amaze me!!

My students have been creating such amazing work! They amaze me every day. I’ve been wanting to share more about my art rooms, and I will, because great things are happening. And I’ll talk about how important the arts are for student learning and success in life, too. But for today, I’m going to let their work speak for itself. Enjoy!

First, kindergarten shape collages. We read Lois Ehlert’s books Color Zoo and Color Farm and then I set them free with scissors, paper and glue (with discussion about proper use of scissors and glue, of course).

Next, here are some 3rd grade positive/negative space works of art. I’ve struggled to teach this concept, but this year I’d say 99% of my students “got it!” So exciting, and they look pretty cool, too!

And a few more 3rd grade monochromatic silhouettes. Some haven’t added trees yet!

Here are a few 4th grade fall color scheme paintings in progress. We learned about contour drawing and practiced drawing real pumpkins. We also learned about drawing trees. They’re painting using one color scheme (warm, cool, primary, secondary, or intermediate). Live how they’re turning out!

I’m going to stop for tonight. I have more, so will post again soon!

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